We Were Guests On a Psychedelic Podcast

Part of our mission here at lord bazel is to help bring awareness to psychedelics. Not that they need any more awareness than they already have – they’ve been around since the history of our planet (helloooo shrooms). But our goal is to help demystify them and shine the light on the positive effects they can have on us as humans. As the new year started and a new level of optimism for the future began, we went on a podcast called Trip On This.
The host, Kat Walsh, had found a new path in life. After spending time working in entertainment at CAA and a production company, she set out to do something different. What sparked the change? A psychedelic experience. She had found a new passion and she wanted to talk about it with the world. We need more people like Kat.
Rewind to early January, two members of our team (Zach + Sandra) ventured out to Culver City to see Kat. The topics at hand: lord bazel, psychedelics, spirituality, and much more. There’s even a trippy part about a UFO experience in Palm Springs. We’re pretty much saying you won’t want to miss it and you should press play.
Special thanks to Kat for allowing our team to come on and share our unique brand and experiences with her audience. Be sure to follow her, like, subscribe, all the things if you enjoyed our episode. If you want to go behind the scenes of our episode, dive into our BTS footage here.