The Three-Eyed People of Doheny


In Los Angeles, there is an infamous strip of road called Sunset Boulevard. Located between Beverly Hills and Hollywood, its colorful history spans decades. Stories of musicians like Led Zeppelin driving motorcycles through hotel lobbies to drug-fueled nights at Chateau Marmont.
Tucked off of the strip is Doheny Drive. A stretch of road leading into the Hollywood Hills. On a crisp Spring afternoon, Bazel was walking down this infamous street. Stopped at the intersection of Sunset and Doheny, a vintage baby blue Cadillac Eldorado turns the corner and pulls to the side.
A girl with dark red hair sat in the driver seat – a blonde in the other. They motioned Bazel over. “You look like you know how to have a good time,” they say. Bazel looks down at his tie-dye Jimi Hendrix t-shirt.
“We are heading into the hills to a party, get in.”
Bazel jumps in and the Cadillac guzzles into the hills passed rows of towering palm trees. A man sitting under an umbrella on the side of the road comes into vision. Tucked behind him is a glasshouse surrounded by every kind of plant you could imagine.
“Follow us Bazel” the girls say as they exit the car and head inside. Strolling behind them down a marble tile walkway, they enter the house through reverberating bass. They make their way poolside when Bazel hears “want to come to the moon” whispered in his ear.
Bazel looks down to see a tiny, thin square piece of paper placed on his hand. “Stick out your tongue,” one of the girls says. “We’ll see you on the other side.”
As the veil between worlds begins to lift, the plant life around the house became alive. “Let’s go outside” the red head says. Bazel follows her on the way out and realizes that all of the people in his path have three eyes.
“Let the journey begin,” he thinks to himself.

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