The Difference Between Gold Plated and Solid Gold

If you’re in the market for a nice piece of gold jewelry, the best place to start is with research. There are too many used-car salesman brands out there who say they’re selling “real” gold. The sad truth, it’s not. The easiest way to tell: the price tag.
We know some of you might see necklaces that say 14-karat Gold Rope Chain for $100 with a “lifetime warranty”. You most likely believe that you’re getting a great piece at that price point right? Wrong. Below we’re going to dive into the differences between solid gold and gold-plated.
Solid gold is one of the most valuable forms of jewelry you can buy. Part of this reason is that gold is rare. To put it into perspective for you, the entire world pours more steel every hour than it has poured gold since the beginning of recorded history.
When it comes to the purity of the gold, it is expressed as carats or karats. The purest is 24-karats and features a very yellow color with a soft texture. We offer 10-karat and 14-karats because it makes it more durable for everyday wear and doesn’t break the bank. Read our FAQ for more on purity.
The benefit of buying a solid gold necklace is simple: it will always hold value over time and it will last forever as long as it is cared for properly.
Gold plated jewelry is the lowest quality option but also has the lowest price tag. The process of creation is much different than that of solid gold.
‘Plating’ refers to a process where a very thin layer of gold (and we’re talking very very thin) is electrically charged onto a metalThis type of jewelry has an average lifespan of up to a year which is why you often see companies saying their jewelry has a lifetime warranty. It’s very cheap to produce so they toss it in the trash and send out a new one.
Since it has such a small amount of gold, any friction will cause the plating to rub off quickly, leaving only a piece of dull metal. This is where the infamous ‘green neck’ problem happens. Most metals that are used in gold plated jewelry tend to turn your skin green or cause allergic reactions.
When it comes to buying a new piece of gold jewelry, your money is better spent on something authentic. Something that has value and will last. The best option is always solid gold. It has a larger price tag but you know that it’s real and it won’t ever turn your neck green.