Protect the Planet


Each year countless brands destroy billions of dollars worth of unsold merchandise. With so many reasons why they do this, the environmental impact reaches far and wide. We realize producing jewelry and garments isn’t sustainable by nature, but it’s our goal to shake things up and disrupt the fÜck out of the old system.

This is why lord bazel adopts a holistic approach to sustainability. We start by producing 90% of our products domestically from Los Angeles, California. The only exception is our necklaces which we import from overseas. For our apparel, we use regenerative organic cotton that is certified USA grown. This allows us to switch from fossil fuel-intensive farming to a more organic practice. We also take our textile waste and convert it into yarn for future use in new garments. The gold and silver metals we use are upcycled vs. sourcing from new mining efforts that aren’t contributing to a better impact on our planet.

We produce limited quantities. This helps us avoid leftover inventory and waste which in turn reduces our environmental impact. The packaging we use, from garment bags to our mailers is 100% compostable which means you can cut them up after you get them and feed them to your garden. Imagine how much plastic goes to waste by not using packaging like this. It makes us sick.

If we all start asking how it’s made, we can make conscious buying decisions and support brands who share similar beliefs.