Woke Smiley


Our very first release, the Woke Smiley is the pendant that started it all. It features our special twist on the traditional smiley face design. The inspiration came from a psychedelic trip at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills where everyone had three eyes.

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Strolling down Sunset Boulevard whiskey deep LA transplant Bazel feels defeated. He got laid off. A fluorescent tattoo sign catches Bazel’s attention. He contemplates fresh ink. As he stands outside the shop, a vintage baby blue Eldorado pulls up with four girls waving him over. 

Bazel points at himself confused. 

The girls announce they are going to Future’s party, and Bazel best get in. He agrees. The Cadillac guzzles into the Hollywood Hills passed rows of towering palm trees. Valet pulls away with the Eldorado, and Bazel strolls into the glass mansion. His shoes click on the marble tile as he wanders around aimlessly.

He makes his way through disco lights to the dimly lit poolside just in time.

“Bazel want to come with us?” 

“Where are you guys going this time?” He asks as one of the girls from the Eldorado hands him a party favor.

“We’re going to the moon.” 

Psychedelic vibes kick in. Everyone wandering the party now has a third eye. Diamonds glitter in the sky.

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High Polish, 10K Yellow Gold, 10K White Gold, 10K Rose Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K Rose Gold


Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California. Our pendants are made to order and take up to two weeks to create and ship.

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