Planet Drip


Part of our Making Contact Collection, Planet Drip is where Charles the Alien hails from. Housed in a galaxy far far away, it would take us, humans, 3000 lightyears to arrive at. The inspiration came from a special experience at the 33rd North Parallel in Joshua Tree, California.

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Sitting on the x3000, Bazel starts to feel the effects of his tea. He scans the inside of the spaceship in disbelief. He thinks to himself, “how is this whole ship made out of gold?”
“It’s a question I get all the time” Charles the Alien responds.
Bazel perks up now knowing that Charles can read his mind. He takes another sip out of his tea mug that reads ‘get in loser’ with a UFO graphic on the side.
“I get the gold from Earth. Why do you think I’m here in the first place – to get to know humans on mushroom tea in the middle of the desert” Charles says laughingly.
Bazel stares back at him perplexed.
“Why come here and get it though – do they not have it where you are from,” Bazel asks with a smirk.
Charles the Alien hovers over to Bazel and stops a few inches from his face. “I hail from Planet Drip in a far far away galaxy. Gold doesn’t exist there so I come here and take what I can. We have otherworldly materials but humans aren’t ready for that knowledge.”
“So you’re an interstellar thief,” Bazel says in a snarky tone.
In that very second, Bazel found himself laying on the dusty desert ground once again looking up at the nighttime sky. He looks over at his friend and says “did you see that?”
“See what” his friend responds.

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High Polish, 10K Yellow Gold, 10K White Gold, 10K Rose Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K Rose Gold


Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California. Our pendants are made to order and take up to two weeks to create and ship.

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