Charles the Alien


Part of our Making Contact Collection, Charles the Alien features our take on how otherworldly beings should be perceived – happy. This isn’t an episode of Mars Attacks after all.  The inspiration came from a special experience at the 33rd North Parallel in Joshua Tree, California.

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Sitting underneath the diamond-lit sky, Bazel sips a special batch of mushroom tea. He’s located at the 33rd and North Parallel – an area known for UFO activity in Joshua Tree, California.
Not expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen, his mind drifts off into space. An intense white flash kicks up a storm of dust and Bazel springs into action.
What the fuck was that? He looks over to his friend who is staring up at a huge metal craft.
A second beam of white light lands in front of them onto the dust. As they begin to regain their vision, they see a small shadow being come into focus.
“I’m Charles.”
A little green man stood before him. He dons big black eyes, a sparkly cloak, and a smile from side to side.
“You look like you’ve never seen a Charles before,” he says. Bazel nods.
“Well then, looks like I’m right on time for some of that tea.”

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High Polish, 10K Yellow Gold, 10K White Gold, 10K Rose Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K Rose Gold


Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California. Our pendants are made to order and take up to two weeks to create and ship.

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