Our Process

We know that our pieces are only as good as the hands that create them. This is why our team is made up of master jewelers with over a decade of experience. Everything we create is also crafted right in our backyard – Los Angeles, California.


All of us are inspired in one way or another during our everyday lives. At lord bazel, our inspiration comes to us in the form of psychedelic experiences and the stories crafted within. We use this as the foundation of our creations. Because of this, our products are truly unique and will not be found anywhere else.

Design Thinking

Once we have our inspiration locked in, we begin design thinking. This is where we mock up several sketches and graphical concepts to fine-tune each pendant. The goal is to create the best representation of the story that will coincide with each pendant.


With the best concept ready to be created, we take our designs and share them with our Master Jewelers who then get to work on bringing them into the world. We first begin with the mold and then the gold is poured. Once we have our rough product, polishing and quality control take over. The end result: a lord bazel fine gold pendant.