Making Contact at 33 and North

Making Contact at 33 and North

Three hours outside of Los Angeles, along 29 Palms Highway lies a frequent UFO visiting point: Joshua Tree. Over 300 miles of vast desert, underground waterways, and a hill made of white quartz crystal create its backdrop. Rumors of an underground alien base have littered the minds of visitors in search of the truth.

Take a deeper look and you realize that this place sits at the 33rd North Parallel. The Pyramids of Giza and the Bermuda Triangle all share this same special relationship.

Sitting inside our vintage Silver Streak trailer, our curious minds took over and before we knew it, we were standing in the middle of the desert sipping mushroom tea. The purple sky overhead looked like we were transported to Candyland. As we lay sprawled out, backs to the dusty ground, you could sense a shift in the energy.

A white light beamed for a split second and dust storm appeared out of nowhere. Our faces shifted from awe to a more apt what the hell was that? As our vision began to pierce through the dust, a metal craft came into vision. We remembered that mushroom tea was circulating through our stomach and shrugged it off with laughter.

Another white beam came down and lit up the ground in front of us.

“I’m Charles.”