lord bazel Featured on MTV, CRAY, and More

Here in Los Angeles at lord bazel HQ, we’ve been hard at work making sure our new High Society collection gets into the right hands and onto the people who understand what we’re building. When the stars align and your visions become reality, you see lord bazel garments appear on some really creative people. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been blessed to see items from our latest collection appear on Michael Evans Behling during an MTV segment. CRAY couldn’t get enough of our Holy Mushroom sweatsuit and Gianni Cures was colorful af wearing our Technicolor Dreams set in Beverly Hills. 

If you’re not familiar with Michael Evans Behling, he’s an actor who plays Jordan Baker on The CW’s All American. MTV caught up with him recently to film a segment called ‘Music to Blank to’ where he gives some of his favorite music recommendations based on long days or what he’s listening to on set. During the segment, Michael is seen wearing our Technicolor Dreams crewneck which gives him a casual yet tailored streetwear look (styled by Eric Owes). Watch the clip below to hear more about Michael’s favorite music at the moment.

CRAY, an LA-based producer, DJ, artist, and gamer has always had a unique look since we’ve come to know her. When we released our High Society collection, we knew there would be a strong fit with her style and we weren’t wrong. Once we got in touch, she fell in love with our Holy Mushroom sweatsuit set so we did what any other brand would do: packaged it up and delivered it right to her doorstep. For the next 24-48 hours, she wore it wherever she went and gave us some love on socials.

Being so immersed in the music world like we are, we had the pleasure of linking up with another LA-based artist who goes by Gianni Cures. A San Diego native who packed up his normal life and set out to make serious moves in the music industry. Finding his own musical identity, Gianni borders the lines of pop, hip-hop, and R&B. Give him a listen and then take a look at some of the shots he put together rocking our Technicolor Dreams sweatsuit in Beverly Hills.