lord bazel Creates Fine Gold Jewelry From Psychedelic Stories

In a time where microdosing at work is becoming as acceptable as a happy hour beer, the story of lord bazel deviates from the traditional startup path. Born far away from the drones of Palo Alto, this story begins at a house in the Hollywood Hills and ushers in a new level of creativity to the jewelry industry.

Crafted in Los Angeles, lord bazel specializes in solid gold pieces. “We keep the batches small and the quality extremely high. I’ve always been told I’m particular so that comes out in everything we bring into the world” the Creator Zachary Walker says.

His recent soft-launch presented the first release from lord bazel: the Woke Smiley. Spawned from a story of a trip in the Hollywood Hills, it’s their take on the traditional smiley face but with a little twist. “There was some LSD ingested and everyone walking around the house ended having three eyes.”

The Woke Smiley is made from solid gold in a variety of colors and karats. It’s accompanied by a branded polish cloth to keep it finger-print free. A match made in harmony.

The Woke Smiley retails starting at $500 and is shipped worldwide. Shop yours here.