lord bazel Creates Fine Gold Jewelry From Psychedelic Stories


lord bazel Creates Fine Gold Jewelry From Psychedelic Stories

Luxury small-batch necklaces feature a fresh perspective for trippy souls

Los Angeles, California – September, 2019

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In a time where microdosing at work is becoming as acceptable as a happy hour beer, the story of lord bazel deviates from the traditional startup path. Born far away from the drones of Palo Alto, this story begins at a mansion party in the Hollywood Hills and brings a new level of creativity to the fine jewelry industry.

Crafted in small batches in downtown Los Angeles, lord bazel specializes in solid 10-karat and 14-karat gold pieces. “We keep the batches small to preserve a level of individuality. No one likes walking around seeing other people wearing the same things they’re wearing, especially jewelry” the Founder Zachary Walker says.

His recent soft-launch presented the first release from lord bazel: the Woke Smiley. Spawned from a story of a trip in the Hollywood Hills, it’s his take on the traditional smiley face but with a little twist. “This guy was on LSD and said everyone walking around the party had 3 eyes.”

The Woke Smiley is made from solid 10-karat and 14-karat yellow gold and is stamped with a recessed lord bazel logo on the reverse side. It’s accompanied by a branded polish cloth included to keep it finger-print free. A match made in harmony.

“My goal is to serve all the trippy souls out there. The people who care about fine jewelry and understand quality.”

The Woke Smiley retails starting at $350 and is shipped anywhere in the US and abroad. Available now at lordbazel.com.

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