How to Enhance Your Psychedelic Experience

We arrive at this height at least in part through our words, via etymology, meaning that flowers in the undergrowth of utterance, our tongues scraping against our teeth. The roots of meaning are pregnant in our mouths, released by our impulse to connect. Once we speak, we reveal more than we know, we emote and move and dance; meaning wraps around us. It’s the balance we seek, as mind unwraps from mind and we get out of ourselves: now, we are there.

See timing. See the physiological preconditions that can, if optimized, take our condition to the next level:

inhance… into one language

enhauncer… into another

+ altus… high, high above that

We’ve all heard the simplest routes to taking our psychedelic experience to the next level. Drink water, eat healthy snacks, go barefoot, listen to chill music. All of this may be true—we would never begrudge a person on journey a clementine or their earbuds—but it goes deeper than that. Holistically enhancing your trip means more than a supplementary vitamin C tablet or turning on the right album. To truly enhance your trip, you should focus on the total picture, your entire environment, entering onto a different plane of existence.

So, what does that mean in practice?

According to Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D., “Meditation, biofeedback and neurofeedback, the martial arts, yoga, breathing techniques, contemplative prayer, and selected exercise routines, rites of passage, and vision quests are other ways of producing a fuller range of mind-body states” when on psychedelics.

Feedback is the key.

The report Roberts presents focuses on problem-solving, everything from emotional distress to computer programming, and it cites studies from the Stanford Research Institute and James Fadiman’s 2011 book The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide. When we are on psychedelics, it is the perfect time to explore difficult situations that can block us when our minds and bodies are in their normal state. What’s more, is that our typical problem-solving abilities are not only enhanced by our trip, they also enhance our trip.

That’s the feedback loop.

Consider this: What if, instead of reaching for the orange juice or whatever vitamin C product you prefer, instead you conducted a test. You found a mandarin, a citron, lime, and pomelo. What if, as you sliced slices and bit into each, you decided to measure not their relative flavors but their relative volume, how quickly their flavors spread to all corners of your mouth and reached your throat. Set up a blind, a double-blind, but explore.

What we suggest you avoid is predetermination. Predetermination—I have taken x and so y will happen—works against the psychedelic experience, which is meant to open our eyes—all of them—to a new way to approach our lives.

“Freedom from every conceivable thing including time, space, relationships, self,” this is one of the essences of the participant experience in another psychedelic study that Roberts cites.

How can we lose the self if we are so convinced that we know how to use fruit?