How to Clean Your Gold Jewelry Properly

Over the course of time, pool parties, everyday wear, your jewelry will need you to give it a little TLC. This is to ensure that your piece stays looking as best as possible. Here’s our guide to cleanliness:

  • Your necklaces should be the last thing you put on. After lotion, after Cologne and perfume, after everything.
  • We love a good pool session or a dip in the hot tub but we always run our pieces under fresh water afterward. This helps clean off chemicals like Chlorine and keeps your necklace fresh.
  • Clean it with warm water only and if you need to, use a soft toothbrush to get the small areas. Once dry, use the lord bazel polishing cloth included in your box.
  • Always store your jewelry in a dry place.
  • Use your lord bazel polishing cloth to ensure your fingerprints and other grime will be swept away.

If you follow our guide to cleanliness, your hand-crafted pieces will always look as they should: dope af.