Lord Bazel’s High Society

A thick red envelope protruding from the mailbox had Oliver written in calligraphy on the top of it. After grabbing it from the mailbox, he stood in bewilderment looking over it in his hands. On the reversed side, a wax stamp sealed the contents. It wasn’t the arrival of a random letter in his mailbox that had Oliver puzzled. It was the symbol on the wax stamp: a smiley face with three eyes. Ripe with curiosity, he went inside to inspect what he had received.

After removing the seal, he opened the envelope and pulled out several pages of parchment paper. At the top, it read Lord Bazel’s High Society: Office of Recruitment. Running through the pages in his hands as he counted, “there are 10 pages here” he mumbled to himself. “What the hell?” It was unclear at first but as Oliver sat pondering what he was holding, he realized what he had received – an invitation to join an elite secret society.

“We know a great deal about you Oliver,” the letter said. “You’d be surprised at how much we know.”

The High Society hadn’t reached out before, it said because Oliver wasn’t ready to learn all of the guidance that the High Society could teach him about expanding his consciousness. As he continued to read through his recruitment letter, he landed on the final page. In big red letters across the top, it read “WARNING: Lord Bazel’s High Society admission involves the explicit obligation to preserve our secrecy. Penalties for its violation are grave. Do not attempt to undermine that which you do not yet know.

Oliver dropped the letter and started pacing around the room. “Don’t freak out,” he thought to himself. “This is fine. They want me to join for a reason.”

The doorbell rang.

He scurried over to the peephole to see who was there, but no one was on the other side. Contemplating what to do, he slowly opened the door until a thin sliver of light could be seen. On the doormat sat a tiny red box. Next to it was a card that read “Eat Me”.

Oliver stormed outside into the front yard to look around as if he was going to catch someone playing tricks on him. Not a soul was in sight. Defeated, he walked back to the doormat to grab the tiny red box.

Back inside, he sat down at the wooden table in his kitchen. In front of him sat the tiny red box. Unsure of what to do next, he sat in silence. His head in his palms, he breathed deeply. With a strong exhale, his hands reached for the tiny box to open it.

“A mushroom… They want me to eat a mushroom?”

Oliver was no stranger to magic mushrooms. Often using them to enhance his state of mind and creativity. The problem was this mushroom looked, unlike anything he had ever seen before. It had a spotted cap and was a mixture of lime and pink coloring. With his index finger and thumb, he plucked it from the tiny red box.

Inspecting it for a good five minutes, Oliver put it back on the table. A quick glance over at the recruitment letter laying all over the floor as if to decide what to do. The room was silent except for a small howl of the wind as it passed through the house.

His gaze went back to the mushroom sitting on the table. At this point, he felt a strong wave of comfort flow over his body. His nerves went from apprehension to an openness he hadn’t felt since he saw the thick red letter in his mailbox.

“Eat me” he muttered under his breath thinking back to the notecard on his doorstep

At that moment, Oliver grabbed the odd-looking mushroom, held it in front of his face, and put it into his mouth.

“Let the recruitment begin” he yelled out as if someone could hear him.

The doorbell rang again.



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