Golden Buttons at Cherry Ranch


Tucked deep into Rattlesnake Canyon lies Cherry Ranch. A mystical place that developed quite a reputation around Santa Barbara. Stories permeated around the town of people in the trees who leave golden button mushrooms on fruit platters. Tired of not knowing the truth about this curious tale, Paisley and her friend Oliver decided to make the journey.
“Do you have the directions?” Oliver said as he grabbed the keys to his car. “There are no directions. We head to Rattlesnake Canyon and somehow have to find “bubble rocks” Paisley says. “That’s all I know.”
“Bubble rocks?” Oliver said puzzled.


The two jumped into their car and cruised into the canyon. Driving past rows and rows of green trees, they came to a sign in the road: Rattlesnake Canyon Wilderness Area. “Are you sure this is where we should even stop? Did you get any clues outside of ‘bubble rocks'” Oliver said while fumbling with a map on his phone.
“Renaissance jumps to the heart of stone,” Paisley says in his ear as she points off into the distance at a set of rocks. “Bubble rocks,” Oliver says with a smile.
After an hour of walking, they found themselves standing in front of the row of rocks they saw in the distance. Searching for anything that can help, Oliver notices the Renaissance Craig on the map on his phone. Realizing he found a clue, they knew it was a puzzle.
“I love puzzles” Paisley shouted as she realized it had been in front of them the whole time. Grabbing the phone in Oliver’s hand, she sat looking at the sky, deep in thought.
“I have it! Don’t ask questions, follow me.”
After an hour of walking, the two found themselves in front of a heart-shaped rock. To its side is a narrow trail leading to an opening in the trees. “This has to be it,” Paisley said. Walking down the path they see a wooden sign nestled up to tree: Cherry Ranch.
“Is that what I…?” Oliver points at a white platter sitting on the ground. Beside it, a patterned daybed. The two look at each other, rub their eyes and run up to see if it’s real.
On the white platter are fresh strawberries, cut lemons, and two mushroom caps. Paisley and Oliver jump around with excitement. The tall tale was real and they had found it. In that moment, a swift wind hits them on the back of the neck and a whisper enters their ears.
“The golden buttons never lie.”


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