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A thick red envelope was found protruding from the mailbox. On the reversed side, a wax stamp sealed the contents. After removing the seal, it contained several pages of parchment paper. At the top, it read High Society: Office of Recruitment. That’s when the doorbell rang. A quick inspection of the peephole to see who was there revealed no one on the other side. After slowly opening the door to peek through to the other side, on the doormat sat a tiny red box. Next to it was a card that read “Eat Me”.

With a strong curiosity, the box was opened to reveal what’s inside.

“A mushroom... They want me to eat a mushroom?”

Being no stranger to magic mushrooms, the problem was that this particular mushroom looked odd. It had a spotted cap and was a mixture of red coloring. Pondering next steps, curiosity once again took over and the instructions on the card were followed. That’s when the doorbell rang yet again.