We Are the People Our

Parents Warned Us About


Our curiosity has lead us to some strange places but we blame the white rabbit. He started talking to us, told us to take a trip down his hole, tried to feed us mushrooms and then pushed us in anyway. We woke up in a whimsical world and what used to be, was no more. 

Psychedelic influences, dreamy imagery and a little sprinkle of serotonin are baked into all of the products we create. Everything is released in limited quantities until they’re gone forever and our materials are all from the highest quality sources. 

Take a trip with us.

Purchase = Psychedelic Research

Our mission here at lord bazel is quite simple: create a more sustainable future through our manufacturing process and help bring psychedelic wellness to the mainstream. 5% of each purchase goes towards psychedelic research through a non-profit organization called MAPS.

We Sustainable

If we all start asking how it’s made, we can make conscious buying decisions. We participate in several initiatives towards sustainability, from organic cotton in our apparel, quality material sources, and our compostable packaging.