About Us

As humans, we create our own reality.
The experiences we have and the inspiration we take from them can shape our journey in curious ways. For us, our journey changed after a psychedelic experience in the Hollywood Hills. With creativity at the epicenter of our existence, our new vision was to apply that to jewelry. Fine gold jewelry inspired by psychedelic stories.
Our kaleidoscopic tales are the foundation for each of our handcrafted pieces. This allows our jewelry to resonate with the imaginative energy that lives inside us all.
We are helping expand the conversation around these mystical substances and we invite you to join us. Every purchase provides a donation to MAPS so they can continue their impactful research.

MAPS Donation

For those of us who have experienced psychedelics, we understand the profound impact they can have on our well-being. By providing a donation of each sale to MAPS, we are helping expand that research.

Our Journal

As we navigate the proverbial rabbit hole, we want to share those insights and experiences with you. Click below to read more about psychedelics, gold jewelry and the unique places we go.