A New Perspective on Gold Jewelry

Welcome to the new era of gold jewelry. Real gold jewelry, not that fake gold plated stuff you see being sold everywhere these days. People are out here running around with costume jewelry like it’s Halloween without anyone checking them. We’re here to do our part.

lord bazel was created out of necessity. The need to bring something new to the game. A fresh perspective with more creativity than inside Kanye West’s laptop. For real. But in all seriousness, our goal is to supply all jewelry lovers with real quality. Real gold. And dope designs that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

All of our pieces are solid 10-karat and 14-karat gold. We chose those karats because it’s the perfect balance between price and durability. With gold being a very soft metal, we want to create pieces that can be worn every day in any kind of environment.

The store is officially live and we encourage you to go check out our story and our freshman release, the Woke Smiley. We have a lot more in the works and this is just the beginning. Join us on this journey – things might get a little weird.